Why Use Us

The core Mailplus services include mail delivery, overnight couriers, banking, provision of office supplies and other errands. It’s like having an extra team member, but for a low daily cost. It’s the staff you can’t afford not to have.

The features of these services are their low cost, reliability and the friendly ‘no job is too small’ attitude of our people.

Mailplus is a franchise business, which means that the people responsible for working with you each day are the business owners – because of this they are personally motivated to get the job right.

It’s often the small things that disrupt our day – so, at Mailplus, we focus on the small things (so the big things take care of themselves).

The benefits to our thousands of satisfied customers are simple:

• You can trust the person who handles your important mail
• Parcels and courier deliveries are handled painlessly through one point of contact
• You can rely on Mailplus to be there on time, every day
• You can enjoy working with a friendly and helpful service provider
• Key staff are no longer distracted to run basic office errands.

In short, your business can concentrate on important tasks while Mailplus take care of these time consuming errands.

Next Steps
Our daily errand & courier services are designed to save your business time and money. From mail pick up and delivery to express banking our team of friendly owner operators are here to help. Start your free trial today or contact us to discover how Mailplus can change the way you do business.