Increasing customer service with speed

A great many of Australia’s 850,000 (or thereabouts!) small-to-medium sized businesses are services businesses. That is, they do things for people and other businesses they can’t, or don’t have time to do for themselves.

So what makes a great services business?

One that delivers their service at good quality at a fair price and in short time.
It’s fair to say that in today’s world, customers expect all three. But it’s also fair to say that people focus too much on cost and quality and not enough on speed.

There are great advantages to be found in delivering faster service and also great opportunities open to achieving it. Where to start looking for easy wins in delivering speed to your customers?

Here are a few places to start looking for those valuable time saving solutions:

  • Outsourcing – if we got someone else to do some of the job could we get it done faster and then charge more?
  • Change of process – if we changed the way we do things can we achieve better outcomes (so often we keep doing things because ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ – madness!)
  • Change of responsibility – if we transferred the tasks to a different team member could we get faster results? For example an up-and-comer in the business looking to make their mark might simply get things done in less time.
  • Change of rules – The expression goes ‘if you give it a week, it’ll take a week’. So, how about cutting the agreed delivery time frame for core tasks? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see just how much faster things happen when the rules say they have to.

Time is money so save time and you’re already making more money!