Franchising – self-funding growth and customer care factor

It’s been said that by 2050 over 60% of Australia’s businesses will be franchised. Currently over 18% of Australia’s GDP is already derived by way of over 1,300 franchise systems already in operation.

So, can franchising work for your business?
Let’s start with the benefits of a franchise model:
- Motivation– when it’s their own business, operators find it easier to get out of bed in the morning
- Care factor – owner-operators find it easier to put a smile on their face when faced with a difficult situation or customer
- Speed of growth – the sale of franchise territories generates capital which can be immediately reinvested in the underlying business
- Annuity income – beyond initial franchise fees royalties can continue to provide regular income for many years
- International expansion – the market for a successful business is not limited to local buyers – many small business people have made their fortune by taking a good franchise business overseas

Mailplus is an excellent example of a franchised business where owner-operators have added much-needed motivation and care factor to a customer-centric service business.
Picking up and delivering mail, parcels and banking on behalf of other business effectively requires speed and attention to detail in equal measure. When company owned operators failed to deliver the highest levels of customer service, Mailplus turned to franchising and with excellent outcomes.
Not only did Mailplus achieve unrivalled levels of customer service, but they also expanded their network to a national footprint in a very short time.
Now the rest of the world awaits.