Will we be locked into a contract with Mailplus?

No. Mailplus feel locking its customers into long contracts is restrictive and unnecessary. We provide excellent services at very competitive rates which translates into long term relationships.

Will I have the same operator every day?

Yes. You’ll see the same friendly face every day. We feel that building a rapport with your operator ensures your service runs smoothly, efficiently and securely.

How often will I get invoiced?

Mailplus will issue you an itemised monthly account. Services are calculated daily, not monthly, ensuring the best possible value for our customers.

Who should I call with an enquiry?

Our central office is available to help every week day from 9am to 5pm on 1300 656 595. You will also be provided with the direct contact number of your operator.

Are the Mailplus operators insured?

Yes. It’s mandatory for Mailplus operators to be comprehensively insured. Our insurers have designed a Broadform Business Policy that is specifically tailored to our customer’s requirements. This covers product liability, public liability and even limited amounts of cash transported via our banking services.

Does Mailplus select its operators carefully?

Yes. Mailplus is one of the most successful ‘Owner Operator’ franchise networks in Australia.

All prospective owner operators complete a comprehensive application and screening process. They must also successfully complete Mailplus’ comprehensive training program before being inducted into the Mailplus Franchise Network.

Our organisation prides itself on the level of services provided to customers, ensuring total customer satisfaction. Unlike using a contractor or employee, Mailplus franchisees are business owners – your business matters to them.

Will my operator be in uniform?

Yes. Your Mailplus operator will arrive at your place of business well groomed and wearing a smart corporate uniform. This is also an important security measure.

Is Mailplus considered a quality provider by its customers?

Put simply – Mailplus’ customers often refer to their operators as ‘above and beyond kind of people’. We regularly receive feedback from clients stating that Mailplus’ operators are considered to be an integral member of their administrative team. Friendly and professional personnel coupled with a can do attitude have made us a market leader. References from local companies are available on request.

Are there any additional charges?

If you send or receive mail in excess of 16kg then a $2.75 (GST inclusive) weight charge may apply for each additional 16kg increment. Collection and lodgement of parcel post and registered post may also incur a small additional charge. Alternatively, Flat Service Fees without additional charges may be negotiated on request.